Ninja Nixon and Taylor Biggs at cocodorm

On today’s cocodorm update Ninja calling up for roomservice and what he gets is a skinny ass sexy Taylor Biggs all set for whatever Ninja wants, some cock wanking. All he needed was some bathroom towels, however once Ninja sees exactly with who he’s dealing with and is ready to get himself a piece of that butt. Does not take much convincing Taylor to eat down that dick. He simply allow Ninja to go wild with his asshole, making sure that the customer is happy! Enjoy the full update and much more other coco dorm videos inside.

But let’s get started with this hot video scene for today. You did get to see Taylor here before in some more scenes in the past, and today the stud decided to make a comeback. We wanted to pair him with Nixon as he usually does one phenomenal job of fucking tight asses like Taylor’s and this seemed to be a match made in heaven. You will be able to see the studs as they make magic happen for this update as Ninja starts to thoroughly fuck Taylor’s tight ass balls deep with his mighty cock, all the while he was moaning in pleasure. Enjoy it and make sure to check out the previous updates as well for some more hot and sexy scenes that we have prepared for you guys! For similar content, check out the latest updates from and have fun! See you soon friends!


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Coco Dorm Videos – Hotrod + Mike Watts

Here is the coco dorm videos story for today. Mike Watts is in somewhat of a sticky situation because some slut owes him money and isn’t paying up. Hotrod overhears this shit and wanna see if he can brighten him up a bit with a good ole fuck.  Watch this gay porn update and see how Cocodorm Hotrod takes Mike to his home and shows him his big thug cock. He allows Mike fuck him until he is pleased and after that these sexy cocodorm dudes switch and it is Hotrod’s turn to do the screwing. Well we know that you are too eager to see what went down, so lets just get this show started for today and see what went down shall we?


The studs were in the mood to fuck as we’ve said and Hotrod was very cock hungry for this afternoon. That’s why he had Mike come back to his place and fuck him wild and hard for the whole duration of the scenes. You’ll get to see some nice and hard style ass fucking scenes this fine day as Hotrod moans in pleasure while his fuck buddy makes sure to take care of his tight and horny little ass today. Like the guys from the blog, they are crazy about getting their asses fucked! Rest assured that even Mike wanted a bit of a ass fucking by the end and Hotrod catered to his anal hole as well. So watch the studs fucking each other in the ass and then see them blow their loads on each other!

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Arquez and Domino Star at cocodorm videos

Domino Star throwing some shit into that wishing well when Arquez arrives of nowhere and makes his wishes come true. The two fellas are real from the hood, Arquez s thug ready to kill some motherfuckin ass. Cocodorm Domino real knows how to blow that cock, he is a professional at this. After some nice sixty nine cocodorm Arquez is craving for that asshole and pops his large cock right in offering Domino the fuck of his life. He is not stopping in this coco dorm video until both of them get their nuts in order to swap that jizz!

Well you have seen the studs fuck before in kristenbjorn galleries so this should not be a surprise. Well you did see them separately so for this fine update you get to see them sharing the scene. As they started, they couldn’t really decide on who should play the alpha male role and who should be the submissive slut, and so they decided to take turns in the roles for this afternoon. Watch as the nice scene starts off with them kissing and massaging one another’s bodies, and then see them do a nice sixty nine as they suck on one another’s big cocks in this superb update today. Enjoy this hot ass fucking action scene and see you next time!

Arquez and Domino Star cocodorm ass fuck

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Ian Cody, Ken Mariano and Rock – threeway action at cocodorm

Ken and Rock from cocodorm are chilling at some dope ass resort in Palm Springs. These two notice one sexy guy hanging out by the pool, therefore they get their there and quickly pull their cocks down his tight throat. Ian Cody real can take it all, it doesn’t matter how ruthless the banging is he can take it. Check out these coco dorm videos and watch Ian as he take two cocks simultaneously, yes it’s true, double penetration. Cocodorm Rock and Ken are not delicate with this fellow, however it sure is sexy as fuck and its gonna hurt. So without further due, sit back and enjoy the show as all of these three studs have their fuck fest today.


As you can see Ian has to be the one taking it up the butt after deciding with the other two who’s going to be on the receiving end of this little sex escapade for the afternoon. Well lucky for the other two frat x guys, Ian just loves taking cock in his ass and sucking it like a submissive little man slut just as well. So he didn’t really mind. Sit back and watch as the guys start to work on his body, and see as one of them starts to fuck him in his tight ass while the other one offers up his cock for him to suck on. Enjoy the superb gay fuck session that went down today with this threesome, and come back next time guys!

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Coco Dorm Boys – Domino Star

On today’s coco dorm videos we have this incredible good looking coco dorm boys DOMINO STAR.
Age: 26, Zodiac: Aquarius, Sexual orientation: Gay, Relationship status: Single, Hair color: Black, Eye color: Brown, Height: 5’10”, Weight: 165, Waist size: 32, Dick size: 8.5″ Uncut. And those would be the sizes of our stud today that gets to treat the cameras with his superb body. His name is Domino Star like we’ve said, and this sexy stud is very much into guy on guy action as you can see from his details. Today he’s here to show off his goods to you and he doesn’t want to leave until he’s done with the posing and exposing of his hot body.

Sit back and watch him do his thing as he takes to posing around in his bedroom all naked, and watch as this hunk starts to play with his cock slowly for the cameras and you. Watch his as he also massages his horny body all over for this scene while feeling his cock a bit better. Sit back and watch as he begins to masturbate on the bed, and watch as he works up some momentum. So by the end of it all you get to see this hot stud as he masturbates fast and for the cameras and implicitly you guys. Enjoy seeing him as he also blows his load all over the sheets, and do stay tuned for more superb scenes next time everyone! If you liked this scene cum inside the bait buddies website and have fun watching other hot guys jerking off their monster cocks!

coco dorm boys domino star

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Prince Le Beau and Soldier

Prince Le Beau from cocodorm just busting in on a brotha’s bed room. He is looking for his buddy, but she isn’t around, therefore Prince invites himself in and takes his jeans off. Soldier Tryna simply tell him to fuck off, however Prince goes ahead and blows that dick anyhow and Soldier comes to his new house invitee. So if you like men fucking men scenes, this is the right place! Prince has a great booty and Soldier really wanna screw that hard and that is what he does. Cocodorm Prince will take all Soldier has to give and it is a large piece he has there. He simply slams Prince to the mattress again and again til he gotta bust! Enjoy more coco dorm videos inside.


The fresh and hot gallery is sure to be to your liking today when you see these two studs having fun. Le beau and Soldier are two very eager and horny guys, and they always seem to be in the mood to fuck hard style. Today was such an occasion as both of them were horny. And so they retreated to the bedroom where they made quick work of one another’s clothes to reveal those sexy and hot bodies to one another in this scene. Then watch as Soldier gets around to fucking horny Le Beau’s ass hard style for this whole afternoon today. Enjoy everyone and see you soon! IF you liked this video and you wanna see other hot guys fucking, check out the site! Have fun!

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DeAngelo Jackson and Malo

DeAngelo Jackson and Malo from cocodorm, two dope ass buffs with huge cocks and phat butts making out ready to get their fuck on is what you’ll see in this coco dorm videos. DeAngelo makes Malo suck his cock good till it is time to tap that butt and shag it until it cannot take no more gay cock. Not a simple task considering Malo’s incredible butthole is a cock destroying dark hole, sucking it all in until that big cock vanishes never to be seen again. Horny Malo is in so much euphoria he merely cannot take it any longer and busts a huge nut all over his tight body!

So let’s get this show started. The guys seemed to care little about anything that went down around them as they were more preoccupied with tasting one another’s superb bodies today. Sit back and watch as the two studs start their little action right from the start of the scene, and you can watch them kiss and caress passionately before moving on to more hard style stuff. Then you get to see as they also begin to suck on one another’s big black dicks for the update and we’re sure you’ll love it. So watch the intense and hard style ass fucking action that went down between the two studs in this gallery today!


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Baby Star at CocoDorm and his lover Ralphh Laurin

Baby Star cocodorm callin up some slut however only her stupid brother picks up the telephone, therefore he invites this fool over at his place because both of these naughty motherfuckas are real bored. These gorgeous men get serious right away with sexy Baby Star cocodorm leading the way and getting naked and his penis sucked. Ralphh wants more than this though, he wishes to feel that cock up his butt. Next on this fresh coco dorm videos update Baby Star gets between those cakes quite deep making Ralphh Laurin scream for extra til the two exhaust in fire-works of nut.


Baby knows that his body is quite desirable to a lot of guys and he’s never shy about giving his share of it to everyone that wants it. As we’ve said, this fine afternoon it was very much desired by Ralph and as you can see the two guys ended up spending some quality time together as they had a nice and long gay fuck in the afternoon. Watch as Baby gets to fuck his lover’s ass balls deep with his big cock. And implicitly watch as Ralph moans in pleasure of the anal fucking that he’s getting from his buddy this fine day today. We’re sure that you’ll like it and we’ll see you next time!

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Coco Dorm Galleries – Chase Carter and Shawn Scott

Shawn Scott is doing a little interview at coco dorm galleries with Chase Carter that is one hell of a fighter, a real champion, yet all Shawn has an interest in is some of his heavy weight cock. Chase whips it straight out and Shawn gets down on his joints wrapping his lips around that large pole. He is really working that cock till it is ready for his sloppy butt. Chase eats those cakes till his penis pops in and screws Shawn non stop bringing on the pain. Shawn enjoys dat cock so much that he busts all over Chase’s ass while riding it! Enjoy the entire cocodorm update inside.

Either way this is one superb and sexy collection of pictures and you shouldn’t miss a single one of these pics with the studs fucking hard style in the ass. Watch closely as Chase gets his submissive little ass fucked hard style by Shawn in this gallery as he plants that big and rock hard cock in his tight ass. And rest assured that you will get to see mister Chase as he moans in pleasure of the nice and hard anal fucking that he’s getting from his good buddy this fine day today. So we hope that you’ll like it and just like in previous scenes, expect to see more superb content next week everyone. For similar videos check out website and have fun watching other sexy hunks getting their asses shagged!


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Deka, Tyson and Will2K at cocodorm

Tyson and Deka from chilling out at their crib and the two speak about setting up a litlle threesome. The two hot muscular guys hit the roads with sexy and willing Will2K as their goal. Their mission is productive and naughty Will2K is down for whatever. Back on the house, on the sofa, Will’s on his joints immediately ensuring both cocks get some great suckin time…Yeah, this is some ridiculous shit, so you all just have to check this out for yourselves inside our free coco dorm galleries. So let’s get this sexy show started to see what these simply gorgeous studs have to offer to you.


As the scene starts you can see that these three guys are ready to get their fun started, so just sit back and enjoy a nice and hot little fuck fest with the guys as they have fun with one another’s cocks and tight asses today. See them taking turns to suck on one another’s cocks and watch as they also take turns to sink those big black cocks in one another’s tight asses just for your viewing pleasure this fine afternoon. We’re sure that you will simply love these scenes, so make sure to watch every image, and do come back next week for one more superb update everyone. We’ll be seeing you then! Until then, visit the cmnm site and see other horny gay guys having sex!

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